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What to expect in a Zero Balancing Session

A typical Zero Balancing Session is received clothed on a massage table and lasts between 45 to 60 minutes.  Sessions begin with a discussion of the client’s current state of health and priorities for positive change.  This creates a frame for the session in which both client and Zero Balancer share an understanding of how the client is seeking to improve the quality of his or her health and wellbeing.

Sessions include a brief seated evaluation followed by the client resting on their back for the rest of the session.  The practitioner assesses the client’s body for tension held in the bones, joints and soft tissues, inviting a release of this tension through fulcrums created by using gentle finger pressure and comfortable traction, allowing an effortless rebalancing to occur.

Zero Balancing focuses primarily on key joints of our skeleton that conduct and balance forces of gravity, posture and movement.  ZB utilizes a form of touch called Interface which honors clear boundaries and connects consciously with  both the structure and energy of the body.  The Zero Balancing protocol addresses the entire body, encouraging a felt sense of deep relaxation, supporting the ability to easily let go of stress, and strengthening bodymind integration.

How can Zero Balancing help you?

Zero Balancing can help relieve body aches and pain, release restrictions in movement, and provide lasting relief from emotional distress to improve overall quality of life. Zero Balancing can also be helpful with specific goals such as relief from back pain, improving concentration or sleep, releasing unwanted stress, eliminating old behavior patterns, or boosting wellbeing.

For the first year of my life, my headaches have come under control with the Zero Balancing technique provided by Mary Murphy. I would recommend Mary to someone with migraine headaches without reservation.


I always leave feeling rejuvenated and cannot recommend the individual care and attention I’ve received more highly.

Holly H. HoxieFeldenkrais Practitioner