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Zero Balancing Classes

We teach a variety of courses at the Zero Balancing Wellness Center.  Some are required for Zero Balancing Certification and others are offered for additional advanced study.

If you are interested in a specific course and do not see it in our listings or calendar, you can find full schedules of all Zero Balancing courses offered in North America during the coming year at the Zero Balancing Health Association website.

In addition to teaching, we also host study groups for ZB students and practitioners.

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Upcoming Classes Schedule Below:

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Zero Balancing II, March 5-8, with Sheila McCarthy-Daskovsky

Introduction to Zero Balancing, March 11 with Diane Tader

Register with Diane at 773-297-8454

Alchemy of Touch, March 26-29 with David Laden & Mary Murphy

Geometry of Healing, April 23-26 with Sheila McCarthy-Daskovsky

Zero Balancing I, June 4-7 with Sheila McCarthy-Daskovsky

Zero Balancing I, September 10-13 with Sheila McCarthy-Daskovsky

Zero Balancing II, December 3-6, with Sheila McCarthy-Daskovsky

Full Class Descriptions:

Core Zero Balancing Program:

Zero Balancing I and Zero Balancing II
Core Zero Balancing introduces the theory and hands-on framework of the art and science of Zero Balancing that was developed by Osteopathic Physician and Acupuncturist Fritz Smith, MD. Instructors provide engaging, experiential presentations and demonstrations of Zero Balancing technique, and each student receives a detailed, illustrated course manual. In practice sessions, students experience performing Zero Balancing and learn how it feels to receive Zero Balancing. In Zero Balancing II students review material from ZB I, learn new fulcrums and expand their understanding of how and why Zero Balancing is so effective.

This 50-hour foundation program in Zero Balancing is taught in two 25-hour segments – called ZB I and ZB II – which are separated by a period of several months for hands-on practice and experience.

Upon completion of the 50-hour Core ZB program, participants will have an in-depth working knowledge of the Zero Balancing protocol. Core Zero Balancing is a prerequisite for the list of exciting advanced Zero Balancing courses.

Zero Balancing students and practitioners are encouraged to repeat Core Zero Balancing as it helps us to master the basic form and deepens the power and effectiveness of our sessions.

The Core Zero Balancing Program (ZB I and ZB II) is required for Certification in Zero Balancing.

Alchemy of Touch

Alchemy of  Touch expands basic Zero Balancing principles to work with amplified fields of vibration within the body and shows you how to create fulcrums that work with these amplified and therefore empowered fields. It provides clients with a direct experience of the healing state. In addition to presenting new material, Alchemy of Touch enables you to deepen foundation Zero Balancing skills through demonstrations and exchanges of Zero Balancing. Alchemy of Touch is the second of three courses related to energy fields: Core Zero Balancing addresses the existing relationships between body energy fields and body structure; Alchemy of Touch introduces strategies to amplify the vibratory fields and to work with empowered fields; Geometry of Healing introduces working with the vibratory fields themselves, including the exploration of the space between vibrations and the information found therein. You will learn:   Alchemical principles and their modern-day applications, the theory, purpose and therapeutic use of energy amplification, how to use bone as an energy conduit, how to amplify vibration, both locally and generally in the body, how to contain and establish boundaries of energy, In-depth exploration of framing (a session) while working with a client’s personal history, to monitor shifts of consciousness and expanded states, to recognize working signs of amplified fields in your clients.

Freely Movable Joints
Freely Moveable Joints is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that expands the focus of Zero Balancing from the foundation and semi-foundation joints of the body to include the “freely moveable joints” of the body. Zero Balancing principles and techniques are taken beyond the Core Zero Balancing protocol into other arenas. The freely moveable joints present unique therapeutic challenges because of the variety of their anatomy and their great ranges of motion. By the end of the program you will have the skills to evaluate and balance freely moveable joints and the knowledge to devise your own fulcrums to meet the specific needs of a given situation. 

In Freely Moveable Joints (Beyond the Protocol) we will review basic ZB principles and highlight their application to a number of joints in light of their specific anatomy. The skills and education inherent in this course will broaden your Zero Balancing abilities and will improve your Zero Balancing sessions.

Form and Fulcrums I and II

Form & Fulcrums I
Utilizes Chinese movement principles to find optimal positioning for the individual practitioner while doing Zero Balancing. Michael Oruch developed this class to help ZB students to do Zero Balancing sessions more easily and with much less effort by teaching proper body mechanics. Students will learn to identify when, where and why they are having difficulties and also how to address them.

We will learn simple Qigong based ZB exercises to facilitate more body awareness and also thoroughly review each fulcrum of the protocol incorporating these concepts. We will also learn many new and extremely useful fulcrums while covering topics such as blue line, donkey, rhythm, positioning, transitions, movement, and, of course, engagement.

The working paradigm here is: “We are only able to engage our clients to the degree in which we ourselves are engaged.”” We often think more structure is needed but in fact it is more engagement. When we are engaged in proper alignment, utilizing bone energy, knowing the landmarks and the protocol, the ZB session is much easier, effective and magical.

Form & Fulcrum II
Accesses and works with rhythm in relationship to Zero Balancing. The client’s rhythm, our rhythm, and the underlying rhythm of bones and skeleton, orchestrate with the fulcrums during the entire session. Finding and using rhythm is a key to doing an effective and wonderful Zero Balancing session.

 There are many aspects to utilizing movement in ZB. One, is using moving fulcrums during your session. In this class, in addition to reviewing the moving fulcrums from Core ZB, Michael teaches a number of new moving fulcrums and adds new applications for the ones we already know.

 Movement can address tenacious held energy and tensions in the body. Adding the additional factor of movement to our stationary fulcrums helps release and mobilize held tension in the skeletal system. 

Once we know these principles they open other avenues of exploration to our Zero Balancing sessions.

Geometry of Healing

Geometry of Healing (GOH) is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that teaches students how to work directly with the vibratory/energtic fields of the body. It defines ‘fields’ and then teaches how to access and evaluate vibratory fields, obtain information contained therein, and how to balance and clarify the designated field or material. The program shows how to work with slowed vibratory fields to access “the gap” (an experience of stepping beyond time, space, and information — a field of pure potential). Much of the theoretical material presented is based on quantum physics, holograms, field theory, and how they relate to the world of touch. GOH is the third of three Zero Balancing courses related to energy fields: Core Zero Balancing addresses the relationship between existing body energy fields and body structure; Alchemy of Touch applies amplification strategies to balance energy fields; GOH works with the fields themselves including the space between vibrations.In this class you will learn: Theory of fields; Accessing, evaluating and navigating fields, Creation of ‘windows’ into the field, Entering and experiencing the ‘gap’ within the field, Compression of fields, Obtaining information from within the field, Self-referencing body signals as feedback for practitioner, Teachings designed to deepen your basic ZB skills and protocol use through exchanges of Zero Balancing sessions and demonstrations.

Intro to Zero Balancing

The One Day Intro to Zero Balancing is designed to provide an introduction to the principles of touch used in ZB, to the concepts of body structure and body energy, and to a set of hands on ZB techniques. This course will include lecture, demonstration and hands on experiential components. This is a class that enables the practitioner to ‘try out’ Zero Balancing. It is also a class for parents or lay people to learn the principles of ZB and simple fulcrums designed to relieve stress in their friends, partners or children. You will learn: the theory and principles of ZB, to distinguish  body energy and body structure, the theory and application of fulcrums and how to give a series of short fulcrums to address stress and tension in the body.

Kinesthetic Signatures of Zero Balancing

The Kinesthetic Signatures of Zero Balancing is a class devoted to the exploration and skill development of kinesthetic awareness and attention. It is a class that focuses on the sense of touch. There is a kinesthetic signature that is consistent across clients, a kinesthetic feedback signal, that once recognized and learned, can increase one’s ability to touch a person on deeper levels, facilitate a consistently high level of touch, and increase one’s confidence and trust in one’s hands.

Making Conscious the Process of Mastery

This program is designed to provide skills and support to certified (or experienced) ZB practitioners who desire to deepen their work and their personal development. The intention is to build a strong ZB community to use as a laboratory for exploration. The program is a three day course in which a group of motivated, experienced ZBers study and learn together.  This class will cover:  Caring for caretakers: ZB and inner work; tuning in to our core selves for deep nourishment, creating the group energy field: the art of inner and outer pauses, and how we can apply them in our lives and sessions, process in ZB: how to create a clear verbal interface and facilitate transformation through verbal dialogue as well as with bodywork, mastery as a practitioner: Getting to the level of instinct so the practitioner’s minds are quiet, exploring practitioner strengths and challenges and gaining clarity on steps needed to develop more fully as a practitioner, touch calibration process: in addition to workshop meetings, participants are expected to write up case studies for feedback and discussion, exchange sessions with other participants and receive tutorials with ZB faculty.

Review Days

Review Day classes are a great follow-up to ZB I and ZB II. They enhance the process of learning Zero Balancing, sharpen the skills of those who have not taken courses recently, and develop relationships among ZB practitioners. Student questions shape the lessons, and the format may include presentations, demonstrations, touch feedback and session swaps. You will be able to meet with colleagues and review aspects of the ZB protocol. Beginners to faculty find that refinement of techniques is enhanced during these events. Participants leave at the end of the day more confident than when they came in the door.

ZB Expanded; Addressing the Skull

ZB Expanded Addressing the Skull was developed to help ZB practitioners use ZB principles when working with the skull. In this four-day course we will review skull anatomy and its relevance to ZB, and talk about different qualities we feel in the skull and their significance. In addition this class will provide an in-depth training of working on the mouth, case studies, and overall anatomy of the head, face, skull. You will learn to determine which cranial sutures are energetically significant, to find and evaluate sutures, the value and experience of sliding fulcrums, to use new cranial fulcrums, how to engage “neighbor” bones to help those in trouble, ways to nestle with the skull and brain, fulcrums and holds for the mouth, teeth and jaw, how the sacrum and ilium relate to the hyoid, head, mouth, brain, to work with the “Key of the Keystone” (the relationship of the palatine to the sphenoid), how facial trauma affects the whole cranium, and brain anatomy including the Hippocampus and Amygdala.

ZB Expanded:  Addressing the Viscera

This stimulating, four-day course will teach evaluation, mobilization and balancing the energy and structure of the internal organs. Using “ZB Anatomy” and ZB principles (including interface, fulcrums, working signs, etc.), ZB practitioners will gain the skills and confidence to easily integrate visceral work into their Zero Balancing sessions. Protocols and specific techniques will be taught for individual organs as well as general principles for constructing visceral fulcrums. You will learn:  The 5-element acupuncture concepts of Elements and Officials, which will introduce the spirit of each organ and its relationship to the cells, the entire organism and to Nature, the 5 Cavities, the Liver and Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Pancreas, Kidneys and Bladder, Heart and Lungs and the Uterus, and relationships between organs.

Touching the Spirit

Touching the Spirit is a two-day advanced ZB program that guides the ZBer into “the neighborhood of spirit.” Working with focused attention, authentic rapport, and an expanded knowledge base in the underpinnings of ZB in Five Element Theory, we can more consciously access the spirit level of a person. The ZBer develops increased awareness of the Five Element energy anatomy underlying the skeletal anatomy commonly addressed in the ZB protocol, revealing more of the true wisdom of the protocol and the essential signature of the spirit. Core fulcrums take on new significance and new fulcrums open the client to insight, inspiration, and higher perspective.You will learn about the meaning of spirit within linguistic, cultural, scientific, philosophical, and metaphorical context. The Five Element theory of the Spirit of the Elements, and how it can expand the possibilities in your ZB sessions. To more consciously touch the structure and energy of bone by understanding the internal anatomy and physiology of bone and the superconductive nature of collagenous bone tissue. New fulcrums in the dorsal hinge, pelvis, feet, ribcage, chest, shoulder, neck and head. To deepen rapport by bringing your own body-felt sense of spirit to the table. To focus attention while allowing therapeutic action to arise from the authentic need of the client. To clarify intention of touch in individual fulcrums and whole sessions.

Unity at Midline

Unity at Mid-Line is a mini-protocol to substantiate one of the principles of Zero Balancing: bones are the conduits of the vibrations of heaven and earth, the essence of who we really are. Unity at Mid-Line recognizes a spiritual aspect of Zero Balancing.

Zero Balancing Kids

This outstanding 4-day seminar will increase your skills and confidence working with children. We need to work with different strategies and techniques as, most noticeably, we are working on a moving target. Fulcrums will be shorter and more playful. The differences between infants, babies, children and adolescents will be addressed. We will study the growth of the head, the fusing of cranial bones and the changes in psychosocial development that relate to this. Of particular interest to practitioners will be learning the skill of working on a moving target. Working with energy takes on a whole new meaning! There will be demos with babies and also hands-on work with children.

Class Registration is Easy:

Phone: 847-920-9292
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Online: Click the class link which will take you to a registration form
Mail: Send check payable to Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd. Suite 200, Wilmette, IL 60091
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The Zero Balancing Wellness Center is a gift to us all – it is a beautiful space with a rich, nourishing atmosphere where students, teachers and clients all feel at home.

Jim McCormickL.Ac.

The “Red Sea” parted for me when I learned I could study Zero Balancing in the Midwest, in Wilmette, at the Zero Balancing Wellness Center just 6 miles from my friend’s home whom I stay with when I visit Chicago from Upper Michigan.

LaDena SchnapperLMSW, NCBTMB