What is Zero Balancing?

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Zero Balancing is a gentle yet profound hands-on, bodymind therapy that helps the physical body be optimally aligned with the body’s energy as it flows through and permeates the physical body. Zero Balancing sessions produce both deep relaxation and amplified vitality.  ZB can be practiced by many kinds of licensed healthcare practitioners and is effective in helping to integrate the benefits of many kinds of therapies.

  • Zero Balancing ( ZB) is a hands-on therapeutic bodywork system that amplifies wellness by addressing the underlying causes of stress and pain. Simple yet powerful, it focuses on the whole person while addressing specific needs.
  • Zero Balancing brings the body back to balance by releasing tension in the bones and joints, soft tissues and energy systems of the body.
  • The desired outcome of a Zero Balancing session is to help relieve physical and mental symptoms; to improve the ability to deal with life stresses and to organize the fields of energy in the body – promoting wholeness and wellbeing.
  • Zero Balancing is at the leading edge of bodymind therapies. ZB moves beyond Western scientific approaches to body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing.
  • Zero Balancing is a powerful bodymind therapy that is both deeply comfortable and invigorating to receive.

I leave each ZB experience with a feeling of well-being which permeates the entire ZB session and lingers.