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Client Testimonials

I leave each ZB experience with a feeling of well-being which permeates the entire ZB session and lingers. I often nap after a session which is a very unusual experience in my life. I feel that my whole body has been re-aligned and all the parts are exactly where they belong and I am in a deep state of relaxation. I occasionally feel radiating energy waves in the area that is being held. Though the experience is difficult to describe, it feels like some combination of wakefulness and sleep that is a different realm than either and lingers for part of the day.

C.R., LCSWEvanston, IL

Three years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury.  One of my physicians’ recommended the Zero Balancing Center to help facilitate my recovery.

Mary Murphy became a blessing in my life.  I strongly believe I would not have made as complete a recovery as I have, had I not begun using this modality of therapy in addition to the traditional therapies.  Mary’s kind, gentle healing touch has been a gift.

Suzie Lampert

I have had chronic migraine headaches since my teens and I am now 50.   I am a physician and a scientist and have tried everything medicine has to offer, I have modified my diet and tried many natural methods.  I have kept a record of every headache and the effect of each intervention for 9 years.   For the first year of my life, my headaches have come under control with the zero balancing technique provided by Mary Murphy. I would recommend Mary to someone with migraine headaches without reservation.

M.L., MD

I first came to the Zero Balancing Center three years ago, particularly for some unrelenting pain in my neck. The pain dissipated, but I found myself coming back every two or three weeks for continuing sessions in cranial-sacral and Zero Balancing, as I always left feeling rejuvenated and more the person I wanted to be.  I continue through the present time, and cannot recommend the individual care and attentiveness I’ve received more highly.  I am a body movement practitioner myself, and practice the Feldenkrais Method with clients in my home.  My sessions at the Wellness Center just complement and enhance what I do with others and help me to relate better in my daily life.   I am  grateful to  Mary; she has added a lovely new dimension with her extraordinary intuitiveness combined with vast knowledge.

Holly H. Hoxie, Feldenkrais PractitionerEvanston, IL

Depleted. That’s how I described myself to my internist not long before being referred to Mary Murphy by a friend who is, herself, one of Mary’s clients. I had come through 1 1/2 years of dealing with a neurological condition that seemed resistant to diagnosis, despite extensive tests through the North Shore University Health System and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. I had tried an alphabet of medications–down to Xanax–to help me deal with the persistent symptoms stemming from unrelenting throat spasms, including not being able to sleep.

Another 1 1/2 years later, my condition continues to present what my neurologist calls puzzle. Tests and medication trials continue. I’ve had pneumonia. But I no longer feel “depleted.” That’s because of my time with Mary. I’ve seen her once a week to once every two weeks. She hasn’t worked magic–but something better: Each session she listens to what I say and to what my body says and responds with a sure head, heart and hands. I often experience physical relief. I always feel totally supported physically, mentally and spiritually in the struggle to live well midst the uncertainty and instability of this elusive condition.

Kathleen Kastilahn, Retired JournalistEvanston, IL

The Zero Balancing Wellness center is a physical flowering of a lifetime of the best training and education in wellness. It unfolds as a conscious space, where Mary Murphy stands ready to listen deeply, meet you and your bones, creating the potential for wellness for you that otherwise struggles to manifest. All walks of life will find comfort and guidance at the Zero Balancing Wellness Center, as Mary has walked the real world path as a daughter, wife, mother, business owner, while at the same time engaging the paths of love, patience, enlightenment, joy and vibrancy. Do yourself and the world a favor, seek out Mary Murphy at the Zero Balancing Wellness center, find a better you, a healthier you, a more real you. I did and have forever been transformed for the better.

Dr. Sean M. Lynch, D.C.Grand Junction, Colorado

Among Mary’s many gifts is her embodiment of the visionary archetype. Should you have the opportunity to work with her as a client, student or colleague, you will be touched by her compassion, clarity and ability to enlighten your own path of healing and personal growth.

Lisa Berger, ZB Teacher, Lic. Ac.South Deerfield, MA

Center Testimonials

Mary Murphy has set a new standard for the presentation and application of Zero Balancing through the Center’s focus on wellness and the model of offering ZB sessions along with ZB classes and outreach activities.

Fritz Smith, MD ZB Founder

Mary Murphy is not only an extremely skilled practitioner and teacher, she is one of the finest people I know. Mary is a dedicated and compassionate healer, uncompromising in her commitment to her clients, colleagues and students. The ZB Wellness Center is a jewel in the Chicago area. I’m so grateful for the help and support I’ve received through Zero Balancing and the ZB Wellness Center in Wilmette.

D.L., Certified Rolfer, Zero Balancing Faculty MemberMadison, WI

The Zero Balancing Wellness Center is a gift to us all – it is a beautiful space with a rich, nourishing atmosphere where students, teachers and clients all feel at home.  I love to be in the space and to teach there. And, of course, Mary Murphy is a dream, who is both totally grounded, present and competent, while maintaining an inspirational connection to the ethereal.

Jim McCormick, L.Ac.Cambridge, MA

The Zero Balancing Wellness Center is the “go-to” place for Zero Balancing in the Midwest.  It is a great service that Mary offers.  Mary has a heart of gold and it is a gift to be in one of her classes or receive a session with her.

Morgan Rivers, LAcDes Moines, IA

When I entered the Zero Balancing Wellness Center I felt enveloped in a wave of warmth.The program was well organized by the people who run the Center. The workshop was top-notch. I am grateful for the opportunities that the Center offers.

Sandra Savine, ZB Faculty member, MTCharlottesville, VA

The “Red Sea” parted for me when I learned I could study Zero Balancing in the Midwest, in Wilmette, at the Zero Balancing Wellness Center just 6 miles from my friend’s home whom I stay with when I visit Chicago from Upper Michigan. To carry the metaphor further, indeed my two and a half years of training  through this Center has led me to the Promised Land – the one inside myself.  Staff, facility, workshops, support from the Center all get 5 warm stars of appreciation!

LaDena Schnapper, LMSW, NCBTMBCrystal Falls, MI

Class Testimonials

Mary is a generous and gifted teacher, presenting the material as easy and fun so that it is a joy to learn
with her.

Sue Johns, ACMUK

Mary is an extraordinary teacher and an incredible zero balancing practitioner.  She has the remarkable ability to combine her extensive knowledge of anatomy with her amazing hands-on skills.  Experiencing a zero balancing session or learning from Mary in class is something no one should miss.

Pamela Johnson, PT Integrative Physical Therapy

The ZB Wellness Center is an inspiring place for deep learning. As a frequent student of Zero Balancing classes there, I have felt supported while being challenged. The space feels lovely and Mary is a delight to learn from.  She holds tremendous knowledge while transmitting ease and passion for the work.

Jennifer Allen, LMT, Certified ZB FacultyChampaign-Urbana, IL

Just a wee note to say thank-you for revealing the secrets of the skulls in such an enjoyable, fun and logical manner. Re-visiting the neuro-physio-anatomy of the head was made to be a pleasure, and has really opened up a whole new insight into my Zero Balancing practice, and how I really can listen not just with my ears but with my hands in such an amplified manner. A big thank-you.

Mandy Humphrey, OTUK

The ZBWC is a place for rejuvenation, healing and education.

M.O., ZB Faculty

I have known Mary Murphy as a teacher, mentor, practitioner, coworker and friend.  In every situation she always gives her very best. She has a most generous and compassionate heart supported by a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.  This allows her to deliver bodywork or teaching precisely tailored to the needs of the individual.  Her work is outstanding.

A.F., PT

Mary Murphy has been a mentor, role model and dear friend since 2003. She is a subject matter expert in mind-body medicine, an outstanding teacher and a leader. Her embodiment of Zero Balancing principles – including balance, love, and holding others in the highest regard – radiates out into her life and work. I can heartfully attest, there is no one I would rather receive a session from then her.

Kate Chase, MBA, LMPSeattle, WA

Mary Murphy’s calm, nurturing, and knowledgable presence is a true gift. Her teachings have played a large role in facilitating the spiritual, mental, physical, and energetic transformation of my practice and my life.

Mary Shutan, LAc, CST, CZB, LMTSeattle, WA
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