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The Zero Balancing Wellness Center is a resource center for health care practitioners and a laboratory to study and explore the many clinical benefits of Zero Balancing. The ZBWC offers one to one mentoring sessions for health care professionals who seek to refine their calibration of touch and those interested in understanding more fully the uses of energy to impact healing.

Mary Murphy has been a mentor, role model and dear friend since 2003. She is a subject matter expert in mind-body medicine, an outstanding teacher and a leader. Her embodiment of Zero Balancing principles – including balance, love, and holding others in the highest regard – radiates out into her life and work.

Kate ChaseMBA, LMP

I have known Mary Murphy as a teacher, mentor, practitioner, coworker and friend. In every situation she always gives her very best. She has a most generous and compassionate heart supported by a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.